1869 – today

more than 150 years of Frankonia Chocolate manufacture

  • 1869 The year the company was founded
    The confectioner Wilhelm Friedrich Wucherer founds the “Erste Würzburger Conserven und Chocoladenfabrik”.

  • 1892 Construction of new manufacturing facilities in Würzburg/Frauenland

  • 1911 A new company name and its history
    After the death of the company founder, the company was transformed into the joint-stock company “Frankonia Schokoladen & Konserven” formerly W. F. Wucherer + Co. AG and subsequently into “Fankonia Schokoladenwerke Aktiengesellschaft” in 1927.

  • 1945 War loss and reconstruction
    Frankonia’s production facilities are 90% destroyed in an air raid on Würzburg. In 1947 the reconstruction is finished and the production of the popular Lower Franconian confectionery can be continued.

  • 1977 We become part of the Group Cemoi
    The French company “Chocolaterie Cantalou” acquires the majority of the shares. Frankonia AG is transformed into the current company name “Frankonia Schokoladenwerke GmbH”.

  • 1982 New building and relocation
    In Veitshöchheim, a well-known Würzburg suburb, a newly built production and administration building is built.

  • 1998 Company expansion
    Frankonia expands with the purchase of the chocolate factory “Philipp Born GmbH” in Friedrichsdorf Taunus and takes over the business units “PEA” of Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG from Norderstedt.

  • 2004 Brand leader in dietetic chocolate
    After many years of intensive work, the goal has been achieved and Frankonia is an important manufacturer in the field of diet chocolates.

  • 2011 Discontinuation of the diet regulation along with profound changes in the company‘s product portfolio.
    Certification: SMETA (Frankonia)

  • 2012 Extension and focusing on co-manufacturing.
    Certifications: UTZ (Frankonia) SMETA (Born)

  • 2015 Relocation of the production from Friedrichsdorf to Veitshöchheim. Beginn of vegan production.
    Certifications: DIN ISO 50001, BIO

  • 2018 Establishing of the brand NO SUGAR ADDED
    Chocolates with no sugar added become more and more requested for nutrition-conscious consumers.

  • 2019 150 years sweet indulgence
    Frankonia Chocolate manufacture celebrates 150 years of company existence

  • 2021 We become part of the Baronie Group
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