Corporate policy and code of conduct


  • We consider quality to be our number one priority.
  • We fulfil all legal and customer-specific requirements that are imposed on our products
    and be made to our company. Product safety has the highest priority.
  • We critically review our internal processes and procedures and improve them
  • We want to avoid mistakes in the run-up to the event and not only recognize them afterwards –
    Error prevention before error detection.
  • We are aware that each individual is responsible for the quality of his work result and
    is thus also jointly responsible for the overall result.

Environment & Energy

  • We are aware of the limited availability of resources and use them selectively
    and thrifty.
  • We try to reduce emissions.
  • We make choices as early as the product development and procurement stages – at
    consideration of economic aspects – the most environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • We also feel responsible for upstream and downstream processes and their environmental influences
  • We have introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 to
    to increase energy efficiency.

Occupational safety

  • We have safe and hygienic working conditions.
  • We use the information provided for occupational safety and health protection resources (e.g. protective clothing).
  • We are aware of our personal responsibility for safety in the workplace.

Social affairs

  • We treat each other with respect and dignity. Harassment, bullying or violence is
    not tolerated!
  • We treat customers and suppliers fairly.
  • We want to produce and support sustainable products from sustainable raw materials
    relevant initiatives (e.g. UTZ, Cocoa Forum).
  • We reject discrimination (e.g. on the basis of religion, gender, nationality, etc.).
  • We are represented in the company by the works council and we all have the right
    join a trade union (or similar association).
  • We pay in accordance with the current version of the collective agreement for the confectionery industry.
  • We work within the time frame of the legal or collective agreement regulations.

Business integrity

  • We are committed to honesty, integrity and integrity towards customers, suppliers and employees
    and fairness.
  • We are committed not to engage in corruption, bribery or unethical business practices.

Status: 2021

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