Lactose-free chocolate with dextrose

Abdominal pain, nausea, nervousness, flatulence or diarrhoea – many people often complain about these or similar symptoms for years after eating certain foods. The reason could be a fructose intolerance. Approximately one in three adults in Germany suffers from this intolerance to fructose – whether recognised or unrecognised. Affected persons cannot or cannot sufficiently utilize the fructose, which is one of the carbohydrates contained in many foods, so that the digestive system is permanently disturbed.

Our lactose-free* chocolates offer an untroubled indulgence for people who can’t tolerate lactose (milk sugar) or gluten, but still don’t want to do without. In addition, these products are sweetened with dextrose (glucose) and dry glucose syrup and have no added fructose.

*Lactose content < 0,1%

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